Services I Can Offer

I am happy to offer the following services and skills in the field of green living:

If you would like to discuss how I can help, please contact me via a webform or email enquiries at greenliving dot co dot uk.

Green lifestyle assessment

Choosing a low-impact lifestyle can make a big difference to the planet. However, deciding where to start can be difficult. I can help you profile your lifestyle and suggest ways in which you can reduce your total carbon output, as well as improve ethical aspects of your life (for example, by choosing to purchase fairtrade goods). Considerable gains can be made through simple measures such as purchasing renewable electricity. I've provided advice to a housing co-op, suggesting ways in which they could reduce their ecological footprint.

Eco-renovation and eco-audits

Having spent three years renovating a Victorian terraced house in Brighton, I can offer suggestions for your own eco-renovation, through a process which may include one or more of:

  • Site survey - to understand the scope and impact of your home on the environment
  • Analysis - of your home impacts and ecological footprint, and areas in which it can be improved
  • Design - sourcing of low-embodied energy and ethical materials for renovation such as thermafleece and reclaimed wood

Carbon Auditing

It is vital to understand how much carbon dioxide individuals and groups are responsible for, so that you can measure the benefits of any changes you implement. I've performed carbon profiling of individual lifestyles and of organisations. For more details please read the pages on carbon profiling.

Articles, Research and Presentations

We all know the threats our world now faces - however, building up a convincing case, or persuading others of the need to act can be difficult. To help I can write articles, conduct research and deliver presentations on topics covered in this site to groups, societies, schools and other organisations.


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