About this Site

I set up Green Living as an extension of my campaigning work. I believe the internet is a superb medium for sharing knowledge about how to live more lightly on the planet, unconstrained by conventional media.James Lea

I have a Physics degree from New College, Oxford and an MSc in Satellite Communication Engineering from the University of Surrey.

I've been actively engaged in Green Party politics for about five years, for which I blame the Brighton & Hove Green Party! After several years railing at the political system, frustrated at the lack of progress being made, my partner and I moved onto a more positive footing, becoming involved with the permaculture community. We undertook a Building Sustainable Communities course run by the Brighton Permaculture Trust which provided the foundations for much of our curent thoughts and deeds. We're confident that permaculture techniques will stand us in good stead as the twin threats of Climate Change and Peak Oil impact everyone.

If you'd like to find out more, please take a look at the services I can offer and drop me a line.

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