Web Resources

There are many links to be found on the internet using good search engines. This article summaries the resources we've found particularly useful.


Bushcraft and Survival

Bushcraft forum - www.bushcraftuk.co.uk

Bison Bushcraft - www.bisonbushcraft.co.uk

Ray Mears - www.raymears.com


Climate Change

Climate Prediction distributed computing project - www.climateprediction.net

Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research - www.met-office.gov.uk/research/hadleycentre/index.html

The Kyoto Protocol - unfccc.int/cop4/kp/kp.html

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) - unfccc.int

Climate Justice - www.climatelaw.org - enforcing climate change law


Ethical Finances

Triodos Bank - www.triodos.co.uk

Co-Operative Bank - www.co-operativebank.co.uk

Ecology Building Society - www.ecology.co.uk


Green Building and Communities

The Centre for Alternative Technology - www.cat.org.uk

The Low Impact Living Initiative - www.lowimpact.org

The Land Is Ours - www.tlio.org.uk - "TLIO campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources, and the decision-making processes affecting them, for everyone, irrespective of race, gender or age."

Chapter 7 (Campaigning arm of The Land Is Ours) - www.tlio.org.uk/chapter7/

Tony Wrench's roundhouse - website.lineone.net/~tonywrench/

Straw Bale Building Association - strawbalebuildingassociation.org.uk

Rainharvesting Systems - www.rainharvesting.co.uk - "the UK leaders for rainwater collection and re-use. As part of The Green Shop we have been supplying rainwater harvesting equipment since 1994 and we have a wealth of experience in this particular field."

The Green Shop - www.greenshop.co.uk -"Products for a Sustainable Future"

Construction Resources, 16 Great Guildford St., London, SE1 0HS - www.ecoconstruct.com - suppliers of a range of green building products, including Wisy rainwater filters. They have a London showroom where you can see some of their products.

Ecohub - www.ecohub.co.uk - links

The Green Providers Directory - www.search-for-me.co.uk - "has links to hundreds of natural, green goods and services including renewable energy suppliers, fair trade clothing, gifts and gadgets."


Peak Oil

PowerSwitch - www.powerswitch.org.uk

Life After the Oil Crash - www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net

Peak Oil article on Wikipedia - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peak_oil



The UK Permaculture Association - www.permaculture.org.uk

Permaculture Activist - www.permacultureactivist.net

Permaculture Net - www.permaculture.net

Transition Culture - www.transitionculture.org - "An Evolving Exploration into the Head, Heart and Hands of Energy Descent" by Rob Hopkins, a permaculture teacher and instigator of the Kinsale Energy Descent Plan.


Politics and World Affairs

George Monbiot - www.monbiot.com

The Green Party - www.greenparty.org.uk

The New Economics Foundation - www.neweconomics.org


Renewable Energy

British Wind Energy Association - www.bwea.com

Proven Energy - www.provenenergy.com

Marlec Energy (manufacturer of Rutland Windchargers) - www.marlec.co.uk

Home Power magazine - www.homepower.com - good resources and articles on wind and solar power, with technical details; US-focused, but occasionally carries UK articles

Low Carbon Buildings Programme (successor to Clear Skies, this is the new UK government grant scheme for installing renewable technology systems such as solar photovoltaic, ground source heat pumps etc.)- www.est.org.uk/housingbuildings/funding/lowcarbonbuildings/



Rail Passengers Council - www.railpassengers.org.uk - "the voice of rail passengers" explains how you can seek redress from the operators of a delayed or cancelled train service

Carry Freedom - www.carryfreedom.com - manufacturers of excellent bike trailers

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